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24 Hour Access
Flex Fitness Members have access 24 hours every day

"No other gym in this area offers the variety of membership options available at FLEX."
Shawn Miller - Owner

No Commitment needed...

     Daily Passes Available.........$ 10.00
     10 Visit Punch Card............$ 50.00  
Full Membership Options

Month to Month Memberships No Commitment,

1 Year Memberships - Includes 2 PT Sessions

6 month & 3 Month Short Term Memberships

Family Memberships
Student Memberships

Student Athlete Memberships

We also offer Corporate Memberships to employees of several major and local businesses!

Call for prices and current promotions!
Guaranteed Results
                   Shawn and Amy Miller

Try our Guaranteed Results Option

Individual or Small Group Training/Coaching... Meet with a FLEX Professional Fitness Trainer for personalized program design. 

Make an investment in a quality assessment of your strength, flexibility, and overall fitness and have a Professional Fitness Trainer, a specialist, design and teach a program personalized just for you.

To read more about the process of working with our C.H.E.K. certified trainers, click here.

FLEX professional fitness training and programs carry a money back satisfaction guarantee!  You will not be disappointed!

Our Members achieve every goal from losing the weight, toning up, improving their health, dominating on the field of play, to bench pressing a ‘house' or getting ‘Shredded’ for the bodybuilding stage. 
Personal Training
Personal fitness training works 77% faster,
 while other methods like (going to the gym, going to group classes, working out at in your home - alone) take a long time to see results. 

There are several reasons for this. The main reason is the motivation factor. Your personal trainer devotes full attention to you during the entire workout and encouraging your best effort. There is a feeling of being monitored by the trainer, as the workout routine is carefully recorded and progress is noted. 

It's easier to reach your goals and you'll miss fewer workouts when you have a coach, rather than trying yo do it on your own.

The Flex Team will know you by name, and where the owners are directly engaged local people, just like you and not some far off corporate monstrosity that you can’t communicate with. 

You won't find another gym like FLEX anywhere in the Holland Mi. area

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